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New Patient Reviews

I am Very Hopeful

After researching online to find a good chiropractor in my area, I across Avenue Chiropractic Clinic. I was impressed by the amount of information on their website. I decided to book for an initial assessment. Dr. Jan Klesko was very knowledgeable, was listening intently to what I was saying during the initial consultation and assessment and through his many years of experience, he had a fairly good idea of what my treatment plan would be. After going through 6 other chiropractors in the past 19 years, I was amazed at the level of assessment that I received from him. Never have I been assessed like that in all these years of seeing a chiropractor. He was very thorough and explained things to me in great detail. He was patient and caring. That was important to me. I decided right then and there to put my trust in Dr. Jan Klesko and have my first treatment. He taught me exercises that I can do at home to further enhance the treatment plan. He said he will check up with me later tonight to see how I am doing after the treatment. He did call! I am very thankful that he took time from his busy schedule to check up on me. None of my former chiropractors ever did that. After the first treatment, I can already feel a change in my body. After adjusting my neck, back and hip, I felt that I standing taller and walking straighter. I am so used to sitting in a slouch but tonight my posture is so much straighter and better. What a great start! I am very hopeful that I will be in great hands with Dr. Jan Klesko. I am looking forward to working with him to get me to the best state of health. It would be awesome to finally live in balance and pain free.
~Lauriebeth R.

Beyond Expectations

I was very pleased with the care I got today. Dr Jan went over and above my expectations. And I am thankful to have found a chiropractor.
~Tanya D.

Extremely Encouraging

Everything was explained to me and followed through with. I had excellent results with almost instant relief. I also was given words of great hope as to my quality of life and my present physical status for healing. This was extremely encouraging for me. Thank you.
~Joyce D.

Feeling Better

Dr. Bartolotto explained my injuries and treatments very well. He is easy to talk to and is a good listener; plus I feel so much better after the treatments. Thank you.
~Lucille J.

Excited For Changes

Dr. Bortolotto was an excellent communicator who did a thorough introductory session on me. I liked that he gave me exercises to do at home. He made me feel very comfortable and I’m very excited for the changes to come with my body.
~Sharon K.

Given A Clear Picture

Dr. Klesko took the time to go over my xrays with me. Seeing exactly what was going on in my back gives me a clear picture of what I am dealing with. Thank you Dr. Klesko!
~Trudy J.

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