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Avenue Chiropractic Clinic in North Edmonton

Quality Chiropractic for Northeast Edmonton and St. Albert

Our vision is for all Albertans in Edmonton,  to seek the advice of a chiropractor first before deciding to take often harmful drug therapies. Take a look around our website and learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Our approach is natural and we are trained fully to know when to refer patients to other healthcare providers. We seek to provide the highest quality and ethical chiropractic care in North Edmonton including Clareview, Castledowns, Londonderry, St. Alberta and Sherwood Park.

We offer our chiropractic services to all types of people from all backgrounds. We hope to help patients to become empowered to take charge of their own health and not to rely on drugs for quick fixes. We pride ourselves on setting up evidence based treatment protocols and educate you fully along the road to recovery of your health status.

Is Chiropractic Treatment safe?

Yes! We can provide the latest scientific evidence of chiropractic safety in published refereed journals and our treatment belief is to provide up front a reasonable time frame of care.

Call our North Edmonton chiropractic office now to learn more about chiropractic care!

Dr. James Bortolotto | Dr. Jan KleskoNorth Edmonton Chiropractors
Phone: (780) 477-5918

Proudly delivering quality chiropractic care to the North Edmonton, Edmonton, & St. Albert communities for over 25 years.